Comm. Roberto Faccani
Comm. Roberto Faccani

Sector Manager

Commander Roberto Faccani is head of the International Cooperation and Military Civil Cooperation Sector (CIMIC) of the Defense Information Studies Research Institute (ISTRID).

Former Local Police Commander since 1985, he is currently the First Captain of the CRI Voluntary Military Corps, in which he has carried out and carries out numerous services at home and in foreign Operational Theaters.

He is an expert and consultant in civil-military cooperation within NATO and the EU, international development cooperation, emergency planning and civil protection, security systems and local police. investigative and intelligence activities, analysis of the phenomena of historical and contemporary terrorism, security of public events. He is also an expert in NBCR defense, fire fighting, operational communications, emotional analysis, defense and protection techniques in critical environments, including the conduct of multi-role tactical vehicles and assistance in the clearance of war weapons. It is patented parachutist, aeromobility (also instructor), helicopter rescue, medevac and tactical medicine.

In the CIMIC field since 1991 he has operated and still operates in specific cooperation / training / training projects, in Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia / Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Lebanon, Iraq, Djibouti, Somalia, Central Africa, Saharawi. The formation of police and security departments in Afghanistan, Albania, Lebanon, Djibouti, Somalia and Saharawi is of particular importance.

Commander of Merit of the Italian Republic, he was awarded numerous military and civil, national and foreign merits and dozens of praise / praise and certificates of gratitude.

Local office

Viale Virginia Reiter, 105 - 
41121 Modena (MO)


Reference for Central Northern Italy:
+39 349 3072848

Reference for Central and Southern Italy:
+39 351 8450788