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in the Security & Safety sector.

The ISTRID Security & Self-Defense sector includes two main areas of activity and development: one aimed primarily at private subjects within which it is possible, as provided for, for the accreditation of civilians who aspire to and aim for a specialization in the areas of competence of the institute, and the other so-called Institutional, in which the Armed Forces or Police are involved through training and improvement activities that arise from real official institutional assignments, and where instructors are directly placed in the field proven specialization and appropriately selected by ISTRID's Safety & Self-Defense department, not before a careful review of the significant aspect of the training initiative.

The ISTRID Security & Self-Defense sector operates with examiners who are able to bring their operators to the Expert Degrees from 1st to 4th and issue the Instructor qualification from the 5th class to I through an exam already defined in its guidelines .

The ISTRID Security & Self-Defense Department has the task of examining the preparation and professionalism of the students, followed, trained and trained by their instructors, the latter carrying out their activities, on a legal level, exclusively on a personal basis, and therefore if they they will bear the exclusive responsibility, not being attributable to the ISTRID Security & Self-Defense sector and / or its representatives, no criminal or civil responsibility, even if only in solidarity, for any damages suffered by the students themselves.

Each instructor is personally responsible for the training activity delegated to him, and for this reason he has the duty to maintain full control of the students, and may impose on them the necessary unconditional discipline to protect themselves and their companions, also considered the high danger of training operations. The only limit for the instructor is that he is not able to give training commands or impositions detached from an operational context or that may harm the health and dignity of the student.

The student, therefore, can participate in the training only after signing an appropriate insurance policy that specifically covers the risks to which he may be subject, without any exclusion; in particular, since the student is made aware, and therefore is fully aware, that the specific training activity is not without dangers, it must be the object of explicit insurance coverage, as the ordinary generic coverage policies are not sufficient of civil liability for professional risk or for negligent acts of and / or third parties. The instructor therefore has the burden of verifying the real and concrete insurance membership of the course participants during the training and training activity.

The logistic and training aspect is highly rigid, since each instructor must strictly adhere to the prerogatives of his own level of training, without ever being able to space in sectors that do not belong to him as a degree of qualification and as a mandate, on pain of his operational responsibility legal person who may be prosecuted against him.

Istrid Training


I nostri Valori

L'attività di docenza si basa sull'elevata professionalità e capacità dei nostri istruttori. Il Corpo Docente raccoglie al suo interno formatori altamente qualificati, che possono spaziare dalla V alla I classe, e che sono giunti ad un grado di perfezionamento solo dopo un percorso selettivo in cui, oltre alle comprovate abilità operative, hanno dato prova di un elevato grado di attitudine all'insegnamento, conseguendo tutte le attestazioni necessarie.


I nostri Formatori

Solamente gli istruttori qui presenti nell'elenco del settore Sicurezza & Autodifesa dell'ISTRID, sono autorizzati alla formazione, quindi dovranno essere soggetti ritenuti potenzialmente responsabili. Gli stessi saranno anche gli unici ad essere autorizzati a intrattenere collaborazioni con il settore S&A dell'ISTRID; a tale proposito essi potranno operare attivando corsi di formazione che dovranno preventivamente essere approvati.

CS settentrionale

RESPONSABILE: istr. cl. V Gianluca Sciorilli.

FORMATORI: istr. cl. V Antonio Pacco;  istr. cl. V Ede Sandor Dani; istr. cl. V Piazzalunga Agnese; istr. cl. V Guido Colombo; istr. cl. V Gian Paolo Panelli; istr. cl. V Michele Circelli.

CS settentrionale-ovest


FORMATORI: istr. cl. IV Michele Farinetti; istr. cl. V Emilio Buffardi; istr. cl. V Massimo Coloru; istr. cl. V Mirco Ulandi; istr. cl. V Elio Lisa; istr. cl. V Luca Leccese; istr. cl. V Enrico Giannetta.

CS settentrionale-est

RESPONSABILE: istr. cl. IV Sandro Martinelli

FORMATORI: istr. cl. V Marco Zuanich; istr. cl. V Roberto Tamburini; istr. cl. V Valter Bravin; istr. cl. V Nicola Bravin; istr. cl. V Ivan Nocent; istr. cl. V Lucio Coloni; istr. cl. V Claudio Cante; istr. cl. V Claudio Pomelli; istr. cl. V Marco Mariano Fuin; istr. cl. V Lloyd William Palmer Jr; istr. cl. V Giuseppe Liotta; istr. cl. V Daniele Urbani.

CS centro-settentrionale

RESPONSABILE:  istr. cl. V Alessio Baccaro.

FORMATORI:  istr. cl. V Chendi Michele; istr. cl. V Simone Del Polito; istr. cl. V Alberto Franchi; istr. cl. V Bongini Simone; istr. cl. V Gabriele Guidi; istr. cl. V Luca Depunzio; istr. cl. V Nicola Goberti; istr. cl. V Fabrizio Fanti; istr. cl. V Pierpaolo Milani; istr. cl. V Alberto Siclari; istr. cl. V Cristian Placucci; istr. cl. V Davide Cucinella; istr. cl. V Aldo Triani; istr. cl. V Francesco Vincenti; istr. cl. V Pierpaolo Martini; istr. cl. V Andrea Galeotti; istr. cl. V Luca Zama; istr. cl. V Ivan Fornari; istr. cl. V Daniele Filipponi; istr. cl. V Andrea Severi; istr. cl. V Filippo Arcangeli; istr. cl. V Pierpaolo Anelli; istr. coll. Giancarlo Simonetti; istr. cl. V David D'Amico.

CS centro-meridionale

RESPONSABILE: istr. cl. V Giordano Magini.

FORMATORI: istr. cl. V Pierluigi De Rose; istr. cl. V Simone Campi; istr. cl. V Mauro D’Alessandro; istr. cl. V Ovidio Di Gianfilippo; istr. cl. V Valerio Di Zenzo; istr. cl. V Patrizio Maggiori; istr. cl. V Giampietro Mautone.

CS meridionale

RESPONSABILE: istr. cl. V Giancarlo Novati.


CS meridionale-ovest



CS meridionale-est

RESPONSABILI: istr. cl. V Rocco Laguardia; istr. cl. V Giovanni Tarallo.


CS Sicilia

RESPONSABILE: istr. cl. V Angelo Cutaia.


CS Sardegna




Istr. cl. V Gilberto Pauciullo - abilitato alle relazioni internazionali.

Istr. cl. V Cláudio Fabian Gonda Contreras - Argentina e Spagna.

Istr. coll. Mirco Romito - abilitato alle relazioni in Spagna.

Gian Nicola Maestro - abilitato alle relazioni in Spagna.

Istr. cl. V Walter Priori Friggi - abilitato alle relazioni nel Regno Unito.

Massimo Cavalieri - abilitato alle relazioni in Svizzera.

Istr. cl. V. Rodolfo Magno - abilitato alle relazioni in Svizzera.

Istr. cl. V Filippo Marchini - Ungheria.

Zoran Miloševic - abilitato alle relazioni in Croazia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia e Macedonia.

Alexey Obukhov e Vadim Gimazetdinov - abilitati alle relazioni in Russia. 

Mario Alessandro Fava - abilitato alle relazioni in Brasile.

Hany El Zahar - abilitato alle relazioni in Medio Oriente - Regno Unito e Belgio 

Istr. cl. V Mario Valci - Oman.

Istr. cl. V Rodolfo Sassoli - Mauritius.