Physical Conditioning

Istructor Davide Barbieri

General informations

Training course for all armed forces.

The training plan includes two levels of training of basic skills and maximal strength.

Level 1 - "Basic skills"

Basic Course that allows you to reach a general physical preparation, active flexibility and mobility, strength and speed.

Level 2 - "Advanced"

Advanced course on maximal strength and lactic acid capacity. Refinement of active flexibility and lifting techniques.

1st level "Basic skills"

Training of basic skills: general physical preparation (resistance to muscular and cardiovascular fatigue), active flexibility and mobility, strength and speed (strengthening):

- Continuous run
- Gaits
- Continuous travel with speed variations
- Active stretching
- Natural load enhancement with and without tools
- Basic kettlebell techniques
- Basic techniques with barbell
- Basics of training methodology

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2nd "Advanced" Level

Training of maximal strength (speed and power) and lactic acid capacity;refinement of active flexibility and lifting techniques (Olympic and functional):

- Interval raining and print on short distances, on the plane, uphill, on the stairs
- Leaps and plyometrics
- Sprint with overload
- Advanced active stretching
- Natural load enhancement: advanced techniques
- Advanced techniques with kettlebells and barbell
- Lifting with functional loads.

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Local office

Viale Virginia Reiter, 105 - 
41121 Modena (MO)


Reference for Central Northern Italy:
+39 349 3072848

Reference for Central and Southern Italy:
+39 351 8450788