Security Intelligence and Analysis

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General informations

ISTRID TRAINING offers 2 Intelligence Specialization Courses, the Teachers are Experts in the Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security, NON-Verbal Language, Anti-terrorism Sector.

Specializations reserved for members of the Order and Military Forces. Each Specialization Course involves the issue of ISTRID Certification

COURSE 1: Intelligence Analyst - Intelligence Techniques - Humint

The first program is based on data analysis and evaluation of analysis techniques.

Main Topics

  • Application of critical thinking skills during the analytical process
  • Identification and mitigation of distortions by revealing hypotheses
  • Conducting and research identifying existing data and collecting new information / data
  • Selection and application of appropriate analysis techniques
  • Revaluation and final validation of previous analytical conclusions

COURSE 2: Anti-terrorism

The second program focuses on terrorism, exploring current 360-degree issues such as cyber security or Islamic terrorism.

Main Topics

  • Themes of Terrorism
  • Financing of terrorism
  • Islamic terrorism
  • Media and Communication today
  • National Security
  • International anti-terrorism
  • Sensitive Objectives
  • Cyber ​​Security
  • National and International Terrorism
  • Humint (Human Intelligence)
  • Final Processing

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