Dog security

Coordinamento istr. Giuseppe Barbieri
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General informations

The preparation of the dog together with its conductor, is directed collaborating in necessity, with the instructor cl. V Maurizio Ceracchi, who after years of experience and comparisons led him to develop a training methodology that, due to the results obtained, probably ranks among the best at international level.

Furthermore, highly specialized trainings are carried out for police and army operators for anti-terrorism prevention services.


Course description

  • Study of the ethological characteristics and character qualities of the service dog, study of communication, interaction and the man-dog relationship, training techniques and tactics aimed at training the canine conductor of the service dog.
  • Veterinary notions: health and prevention of dog illnesses, health and prevention of dog injuries during training and service, introduction to veterinary first aid techniques and nutrition.
  • Current legislation on animal welfare, civil and criminal liability, safety at work and on risks related also to people with communicable diseases, regulations of interest in the activity in which one operates in the dog unit.

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In collaboration also with the cl. Instructor V Maurizio Ceracchi, specialized with the aid of the dog for anti-terrorism prevention services.