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Our collaborative activities, in order to improve their training, are exclusively addressed to the Armed Forces and to the Police and Security Forces present in the Member States of the European Union, in the Member States of NATO, or in other States with specific authorization, in accordance with to the Laws and Regulations in force therein.

Who we are

Our accredited team.

We are Professionals in the Security & Self-Defense sector, accredited by ISTRID, present throughout Italy and abroad.
The value of the teaching activity is the high professionalism and ability of its instructors. The teaching body gathers highly qualified trainers who can range from V to I class and who have reached a degree of improvement only after a selective path in which, in addition to the proven operational skills, they have shown a high degree of aptitude to teaching, achieving all the necessary certificates.


Security & Safety program

We represent a point of reference on the international scene, for training and specialization in the Armed Forces or Police.
The programs presented were considered by the S&S sector to be of interest for further professional training for the Armed Forces and Police. Only the basic program of S&S training courses has been officially authorized by the S&S coordinator. For the other programs that are always carried out by accredited instructors under their total responsibility, the S&S  sector must confirm their approval and its participation is only for the request of the examinations to evaluate the candidates participating in the course, presented and selected that they wish to obtain the certificate of EXPERT in the S&S sector for trainers in the Armed Forces and Police.

ISTRID Security & Safety

Structured in 3 different courses and one external training with fire weapons. 

Use of various manual weapons, risk analysis and threats. Tactical shot.

Security & Safety program

Physical Conditioning

Structured in 2 different courses that together offer an adequate physical preparation for the armed forces.

Dog security

Study and interaction between dog and man, veterinary medicine, regulations, safety and risks in the dog sector.

Conservation Ranger

Structured in 3 levels: Basic course on safety activities, Professional specialization and Instructor training.

Tactical Medicine

Based on emergency medical care provided during battlefield, terrorist or police operations.

Maritime Security

Structured in 3 levels to operate on board merchant ships, passengers and yachts. Anti piracy and tactical diving.

Historical Fencing

The conscience of the Honor. Course structured in 3 levels: Scherma Bolognese, Use of weapons and The Neapolitan school.


International intelligence school

Tactical Tracking

Tracking procedures in the context of IED surveillance and prevention in risk areas.

Operative Apnea

Structured in 3 different courses that together offer complete mastery of the theme.

Underwater School

Composed of 3 types of courses: Recreational, Professional and Technical each with a final exam and relative certificate.

Italian Military Heritage

The only official S&A ISTRID system, the secular but still current legacy of a nation.

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Local office

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Reference for Central Northern Italy:
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Reference for Central and Southern Italy:
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